September 29, 2013

Work Hard, Rest Well.

This week we have the privilege of hearing from Coachwell’s CoFounder and Professional Coach Dianna Salciccioli. She truly believes that if an individual desires to grow and flourish in any area of their life, they can. That belief drives her to encourage, inspire and come alongside those who express a readiness to move forward in challenging or dormant areas of their lives and to celebrate wins with them! There’s simply nothing she finds more exciting! Her post below challenges us all to take a moment to catch our breath and recover even in the most hurried seasons of life.

Up at 5:00 am, I am blurry-eyed as I grab my spin class shorts and tennis shoes. With the loving encouragement of my daughter-in-law who joins me, I hop in the car and head to the Bend Athletic Club for an early morning spin class.

I have noticed something about me; if I think about a solid hour of spinning I feel overwhelmed by the daunting ride ahead. However, as the instructor leads us to ride in intervals, the time begins to fly. When asked to push hard I am sure I can do it for 3 or 4 minutes if I know there’s an end in sight.

How much harder do we push our bodies when we know a break is on the horizon? 

I find that I work much harder in that 3 to 4 minute interval push in spin class than I would working out for 20 minutes on my own in the cardio room. That’s because a spin class is designed for accountability with an instructor who inspires the participants to work hard and give it their all! 

When the instructor calls for recovery, we are asked to remove any bike tension making it really easy to pedal. This allows our heart rate to go down a little and helps prevent lactic acid build-up in our legs. Then, after a brief recovery, we pick up the pace and the tension and begin to ride hard again.

This morning I was thinking about the need for recovery time in our lives. 

How often do we push ourselves in life without taking a rest? How much of our weekends are preoccupied with cleaning, organizing, cooking and shopping and other household duties we’ve fallen far behind on?

We keep working harder, moving faster, all the while hoping we can sustain the pace. However, the only real sustainable way to have a healthy, fruitful life is to have the ebb and flow of hard work and true recovery. That means putting everything down, even if it’s just for one day. That means learning the art of good, interrupted rest.

What could recovery look like in your life? 

A long walk, painting, a mountain bike ride, a nap, reading a book, time with a valued friend or family member, a slow cup of coffee, time spent reading your Bible, or going on a long run?  Think about the pace of life you have been managing lately and see if you need to insert a little more recovery into your calendar. Chances are, you do! Give yourself permission to step away from it all and catch your breath.

I know for certain that if my spin class instructor required us to maintain a high intensity for the entire hour, many of us would not return, some might simply pass out. That’s why I am so thankful for recovery after an interval of hard work, even if it is 5:00 in the morning! 

To your excellence in resting well,

Dianna Salciccioli