March 5, 2018

Why your Executive Assistant Should Be Your Team’s Top Performer

The executive assistant role has more hidden potential than you ever thought possible.

The glue holding your office together is most likely your executive assistant. If communication from the top-down fails, so does everything else. Imagine
losing one of your valued clients because of a catastrophic communication failure: a missed email for an important event, a detail lost in translation,
or worse yet, a rescheduled flight or hotel reservation that sails past your budget. Think about the extra hours spent resolving these kinds of errors
and how your executive assistant must feel in the wake of a simple error that led to so much confusion.

As Michael Hyatt says, “A good executive assistant is like an air-traffic controller for your life.” We couldn’t agree more. But even an executive assistant
isn’t perfect or superhuman. Like any other person in your office, a good executive assistant needs training and encouragement to reach their fullest potential.

A powerhouse executive assistant is invaluable and at the ready to step in and intervene when they see priorities going off track or a schedule that’s
getting too crowded. Their position acts as an ally to the hurried executive, elevating truly important things and keeping the noise level down so
a leader can focus on core competencies.

Here are just a few benefits a top-performing Executive Assistant brings to the overall success of your team and organization:

  • A professional partner you can trust with the most confidential information
  • A communication guru who harmonizes relationships by eliminating confusion
  • An expert facilitator who is trustworthy with planning important events
  • A proactive presence who can foresee conflict and work out a contingency plan
  • A technology whiz who knows the right tools to get the job done

Executive assistants run interference in an executive’s schedule and breakup traffic jams of communication. They are the one person almost exclusively
responsible for your success as a leader. They are gatekeepers, schedulers, and prolific time managers and organizers. So why wouldn’t you invest more into training and equipping your executive assistantas
your team’s top performer?

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