December 28, 2017

Why Accountability Is Critical

What is the value of accountability? To be honest, when I was in my 20’s and 30’s I wasn’t sure. I was surrounded by exceptional mentors and yet I only
partially took their advice and rarely came under their authority. I practiced selective accountability and grabbed the advice I liked and ignored
the rest. “Why?” you ask, because I mistakenly thought – “I know better”.

In my 40’s I began to invite and receive more counsel and my success increased. Now as a man in his 50’s looking back I see very clearly a direct link between receiving counsel with accountability and reaching my full potential.

King Solomon in the book of Proverbs wrote:

“Without counsel, plans go awry, but in the multitude of counselors, they are established.”

Engaging with a group of Trusted Advisors in our life promises our plans will succeed. We don’t aim for mediocre or failure but many times we end up getting
it because we are unwilling to engage in accountable relationships.

Trusted Advisors are very critical to my health and success. I invest valuable time in establishing the right experts in my life and listening to them.
Here are the 10 categories of Trusted Advisors that I currently have established: Executive Coach, Spouse, Executive Team, Friend, Spiritual, Legal
and Financial Advisors, CPA, Counselor, Physical Therapist.

We can spend a lifetime falling short of our potential, or we can reach out to others for help. In fact, we cannot reach our full potential on our own.
If we examine the most successful people in any industry, there is a line of Trusted Advisors behind them who helped them to get to where they are
today. Let’s take a quick look at how to establish accountable relationships in our life so we can move onto maximizing our potential and minimizing
our mistakes.

How to establish accountability:

1. It starts with us.

We are the ones who must seek it. We must express a willingness to let others into our lives intentionally, to make time for real accountability that leads
to real change and increased performance.

2. By invitation only.

Do not seek accountability haphazardly. Invite Trusted Advisors into your life who are trustworthy, who’ve earned your respect and confidence. Invite a
leader or expert into your life who is equipped with the time and expertise to really help you. And be ready to apply their counsel!

3. Seek counsel.

Go to your Trusted Advisors often, before you make critical decisions – so you can apply their wisdom and avoid mistakes.

4. Examine yourself.

A willingness to be transparent and examine your own heart and actions is crucial. Do the hard and humbling work of posturing yourself as a leader who
is always open to growing and improving as needed.

5. Celebrate regularly.

Accountability is the true measure of great leadership and it’s a cause for celebration! A party is not a party without people. Share your wins with your
group of Trusted Advisers and recognize their role in helping you succeed!

To your excellence,

Coach Greg