November 19, 2013

We Are Wonderfully Made

We have the privilege of hearing from Coachwell’s Co-Founder and Professional Coach Dianna Salciccioli as she shares about the gift of fully embracing our value as individuals. We are all people with key abilities and insights to offer our workplaces and homes. Read more about Dianna here and connect with her by leaving a comment below! 

There are times in life when we must give ourselves permission to do things. Whether to take a long-awaited vacation from work, to power down the laptop for the weekend, or to simply love and care for another human being with 100 percent of our attention. We feel indebted to the people around us and are constantly giving to them in relationships, conversations, and events. But sometimes, the person who is being neglected the most is ourselves.

Take a moment to quiet your mind and give yourself permission to pause and declare with the Psalmist, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Can you list the many gifts and talents God has placed within you?  Do you give yourself permission to appreciate those elements inside of you that make you unique or even special?  Or do you say to yourself “I can’t focus on who I am. It’s selfish.” Feeling appreciative for who we are feels wrong somehow. Yet that voice we hear is one of guilt, not a voice of truth.

The truth is that choosing to embrace our value, all of who we are, is very unselfish as it maximizes our ability to serve others; to have on-going impact.  When we recognize our strengths we can find a way to use them well.  If you are gifted to write there are unlimited ways for you to to help others, if you are gifted with a strong detail orientation you can bring great value to a team, if you are gifted with a great voice you can use your gift to encourage others through song, and if you are gifted as a counselor or listener you can be a safe place for others to land; you can help people heal.

Certainly, there are areas of challenge in our lives and frankly, many of us find it easier to list our challenges rather than our strengths. Start tomorrow off by getting excited about your strengths and your potential for growth as an individual. Take some time to simply list the gifts God has placed inside of you and how they could be expressed in your life.You can do this by journaling, by having a time of prayer while walking your neighborhood, or by creating space in your schedule to explore the goals and visions that God has called you to nurture. Get excited about the fact that you are wonderfully made!

 Here’s a prayer from Holly Gerth, Author of Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream to leave you with:

“God thank you for creating me with gifts. I’m grateful for the strengths that you’ve placed within me and the ways those are expressed as actions through my skills. I humbly acknowledge that I do have something to offer and that you have made me to make a difference. Amen”                       

Wonderfully and fearfully made,

Dianna Salciccioli