October 20, 2017

Unleash Your Creativity

Creativity needs room to breathe. You can’t force it or be stressed if you want it to flow freely.

Creativity leads to new ideas and greater innovation. And I think we would all agree – our world needs more of both. Without new thinking, we can all get
stuck in ruts, producing the same things and hoping it will be different. So, let’s go for it! Let’s unleash our creativity.

In our quest to be more creative and innovative – let’s take a quick look at children. Children are exceptional innovators because they use their imaginative
faculties more often than adults. They don’t fear failure, and they respond to even the simplest questions with zany and impossible ideas. We have
a lot to learn from the precious little people in our world.


  • Use the power of play and imagination to create new experiences.
  • The simplest things (like a box) can become tiny houses or rocket ships traveling to unknown worlds.
  • Don’t really acknowledge failure – everything is open to experimentation.

Would you like to be more creative and practice greater innovation? I imagine the answer is yes!

In the spirit of creativity and innovation, here is a list of a few practical things you can do right now to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Play a musical instrument. Scientists who study the brain describe this activity as causing “fireworks” to go off in the brain.
  2. Get away from the computer. Screen time causes burnout, and burnout is the enemy of creativity. Go for a walk in nature, look at the trees and let your mind engage in free-flow thinking.
  3. Do something spontaneous. It might unleash a hidden aspect of your thoughts or personality.
  4. Get out an old-fashioned notebook, grab some color pencils and draw new ideas into existence.
  5. Listen to new music. Lyrics are a great way we connect with our emotions.
  6. Rearrange your workspace. It never hurts to change the landscape, and might even change your perspective on things.
  7. Allow yourself to fail. Give yourself space to mess up.
  8. Get feedback and welcome honesty. You can’t always arrive at the right solution alone.
  9. Ditch being perfect. It’s about time.
  10. Share a meal with someone who inspires you. While you engage in some culinary delights, dream with your friend and discover some new
    approaches to life and work or create something totally new. Give yourself permission to break away from limitation and see the possible.

Ready, set, go! Try one of these strategies this week and see if it starts your creative engines.

To your excellence in unleashing your creativity,

Coach Greg