May 28, 2015

Tips for Always Giving Your Best

This week we are thrilled to hear from Executive Coach Scott McBride. He shares lessons on giving your very best in pursuit of life and company goals.

I like shoes.

Running shoes to be specific. One of my favorite shoe stores is the Nike specialty running store in Eugene, Oregon.  I’ve passed through those doors more times than I can count!

One of the standout pieces in the store is a restored 1968 VW Van. It’s a replica of Nike’s first mobile store used to sell shoes at track meets. At the center of the steering wheel is the Nike emblem. I had never noticed it before in all those previous visits, but this time, it stopped me in my tracks. This vintage piece was essential to making the replica complete and it reminded me how someone was paying attention to the details. After all, isn’t that what makes the company great?

Details are important in restoring classic cars, but aren’t they also crucial in other areas of life? Would you accept your bank reporting an error on your checking account by a couple hundred dollars? Or how about your optometrist saying that your vision is “close enough”? This puts into perspective very quickly which things in life we are willing to compromise, and which things we are not.

In the spirit of famous Oregon runner Steve Prefontaine, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” His words pull the fight out of us to finish the race. They inspire us to always give our best, no matter how daunting things look, or how far away the finish line seems.

In this same spirit of Prefontaine, here are a few tips to help you consistently give your best: 

  • Invite a trusted advisor to give accountability to your process.
  • Don’t give yourself or anyone else excuses for your results.
  • Don’t quit until you’re done.
  • Don’t disqualify yourself, or your work.
  • Keep improving and don’t settle for what worked last time. 

Giving your best is hard work that requires all of your focus. It’s not easy, but there’s a reward waiting at the end that’s worth fighting for!