September 4, 2014

Time to Dream: Permission Granted.

Dreams are often something we place on the back burner–simmering alongside all of life’s tasks, priorities, and responsibilities but today I’m going to ask you to crank up the heat. Dreaming is not something reserved for later or when we have some free time. Dreams are for now! We need the energy and passion they bring us and the fuel that help us forge onward. Dreams are the driving force of innovation and the spark that expresses our deepest desires.

Children pursue dreams much more readily than adults. They will show us how to possess the permission and freedom we need to pursue our dreams. I want you to picture a sandbox with a few kids playing. Within the confines of the sandbox, children are free to imagine a future.  

There are dinosaurs roaming, shovels digging tunnels to China, tea parties, and construction sites all happening in this little box of wonder. The point is, there aren’t any perceived constraints on what is possible, and that’s something adults need to rediscover. It’s time to be a child again and enjoy the joy of dreaming.
Somewhere along the paths to becoming adults we lose our wonder. When was the last time you felt energized by the limitless possibilities in life? As adults we are overly affected by our past failures and disappointments. We want permission and certainty our dreams will succeed before we pursue them, but it doesn’t work that way. May I challenge you? 
Dreams come alive when they are chased. And the good news: you have the permission you need! Pursue your dreams and take the necessary steps to secure them. There is a new dimension of possibility awaiting us when we build our dreams, when we actively handle them, when we place good things like deadlines, and tasks around them. The thing we need to know most is that our dreams are an achievable reality. Here are four helpful things to consider when mapping out your dreams.
1. Write a clear description of your dreams.
2. Secure the help of others who will cheer you on when you face a roadblock.
3. Grant yourself permission.
4. Get moving!
Think again about the sandbox and how much children enjoy dreaming. If you struggle to pursue your dreams, reach out to others. Seek the help of a mentor, spouse, friend or family member. Ask them to help you clarify and distill the dreams you want to pursue. Invite others into your life to hold you accountable for accomplishing these things. Seek wise counsel and long-term support as you open that new business, write that book, or build your dream home.
You have permission–let’s get going!
To your excellence in dreaming,
Coach Greg