July 13, 2018

This Life Investment Strategy Has the Biggest Payoff (Hint: it’s not about money)

Author: Coach BG Allen

Investing in personal growth is essential as we consider and plan for the future. 

Most often, when we think of the word investing, we consider our financial investments. It’s not unlikely that we already have a fund set aside
for our children’s college education, their marriages, or for hedging against unexpected future spending. But what about for non-financial aspects
of our lives?

How do we invest in physical health, relationship satisfaction, emotional growth, or growing our teams at work if we’re leading a company or organization?

As relational beings, we need secure, thriving relationships. The impact of good relationships on our mental, emotional, and even physical health is unprecedented.
As Coach Greg shared last week, quoting one of the world’s longest continuous studies on age and wellness,
“Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.”

At the end of our time here on earth, it is not the number of hours we spent at the office or the impressive portfolio that matters—it’s the people
in our lives and the quality of our relationships. So how do we invest in these key relationships in our lives both at work and at home?

Consider the impact of this Coachwell client’s decision to begin coaching sessions:

“I have lost 18 pounds so far this year and increased my fitness (I have only missed three days of exercise since the last coaching session).
I am playing golf every week with one of my sons. I am spending time daily in quiet reflection and reading. I have made great progress on my EI (emotional
intelligence)scores,and I believe this is a result of spending time reflecting on my day and learning from that time of reflection. We have instituted one-on-one coaching for all of our team members at work. We are coaching all of our leaders on their listening skills. The culture is improving.”

In just six short months, through strategic investment in all aspects of life, this client is more physically fit, family relationships are stronger and
bringing him greater joy, and the team he leads at work is directly benefiting. All of this from one simple, intentional, and strategic choice to invest
in his personal life and well-being.

What is your investment strategy when it comes to your spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical health? Do you have one?

A financial investment strategy diminishes when we have invested poorly in other areas of our lives. Do you have an investment strategy for spiritual and
emotional growth? Are you spending time weekly in quiet reflection and reading in a way that promotes growth in
these areas? Are you a self-managed person who directs their emotions instead of letting them run the show? These are just a few questions a professional
life and business coach will help you to address.

Consistently challenging your thinking and correcting course when thoughts are stuck in unhealthy patterns of negativity or self-defeat is something we
all must do. A coach aids in this process by helping us stay proactive and ahead of the game instead of waiting to do damage control after the fact.

It’s about more than just physical fitness, (though that is an important component.) Investing in our lives holistically, not just the financial aspect,
is vitally important. It serves those we love, customers we serve at work, those we lead, and especially ourselves. Consider signing up for a free (no commitment) coaching call to see if it’s right for you. Invest well so that you leave a legacy of hope
and changed lives.