March 29, 2012

The Secret of High Performance Teams

“Pursuing high-performance teams as a strategy for improved performance is messy and extremely challenging.” – Mark Miller

It can be done!  You can build a high performance team.  In today’s post we look to Mark Miller the President of Training and Development for Chick-fil-A.  I will share Mark’s insights from his new book The Secret of Teams.  

I like Mark’s simple, yet wise approach to the challenging topic of building a great team. He believes there are three critical components to building and leading high performance teams.

High Performance Team Components:

  • Talent
  • Skills
  • Community

Before we examine the three critical components its important to remember the purpose of high performing teams – results.  High performance teams are created for the primary purpose of getting it done!  It’s not enough for a team to get along and function well together – they need to produce great results.  

Let’s take a quick look at the high performance team components:

Talent: Great teams hire slowly and carefully to acquire the right people – that’s what makes them great!  This requires incredible self-discipline to search for the right talent and not just leap at the first available person that comes along.    

Skills: Great teams continuously train their people.  Training and coaching sharpens our skills and exposes areas of weakness that need to be addressed. Training and coaching also create a culture committed to excellence.

Community: Everyone wants to know they matter and someone cares. Great teams care for each-other.  They support each-other in their personal and professional life.  They have chemistry and collaboration because they show up for each-other.  

That’s the secret to high performance teams.  Interested?  How about sitting down for a few minutes and consider how you can address the talent, skills and community of your team.  Be encouraged a little effort goes along way in building great teams.  

To your excellence,

Coach Greg