January 6, 2015

The Gift of Limits in 2015

2015 is upon us! What will the year bring? How can we influence our success in 2015? My answer will surprise you, and is contrary to every motivational commercial you’ll hear in January. A great year and success with our goals begins with recognizing our limitations. We can only do so much.

Most people fail in accomplishing their New Year’s resolutions because they don’t consider their limitations of time, energy and resources. For every goal we focus on achieving, we are limited in our ability to pursue others. For example, if you choose to establish a daily exercise routine to gain greater energy and lose a few pounds – you will have less time in your day for other goals. So choose wisely!

The first key to realizing our goals begins with evaluating our time.

Determine how much available time you actually have to invest in new goals for 2015. One of the best exercises to understand your true time capacity is to build an Ideal Week. An Ideal Week can be built in CoachwellPro in the Professional Plan section or your own calendar application by first placing all the non-negotiable activities, like work into your calendar as a re-occurring appointment. Once you have defined your work time then layer in all other priorities and goals (exercise, date night, reading, sports etc.) you desire to accomplish each week. Please note: what you do in an average week is a direct refection of your life and ultimately your year.

The second key to goal realization is to secure the energy you need.
Our energy is limited. The good news is, it can be renewed and even expanded. Right now as you read this blog post you are expending energy. The key to consistent energy is to understand our individual renewal rhythms. As spiritual, emotional, relational and physical beings, we need to know what activities replace the energy we lose each day in just doing life. What activity each week replenishes the energy zones in your life? This is the question you must answer. The Coachwell Library in CoachwellPro has some valuable Growth Tracks with the latest research and strategies to assist your energy renewal and expansion. If you do not have CoachwellPro, consider experimenting this week with activities that increase your energy in the four energy zones.

The final key to goal realization is to identify the resources you need.

Our greatest resource is the people around us. Are you reaching out to others to assist you in your goal achievement? Sharing our goals with those around us and harnessing their expertise and support is very helpful. If you do not have experts around you, seek the proper help and tools you need to sustain you in your journey of goal advancement. We are all more successful when we do life together.

So how will 2015 end? Ultimately, it’s up to you, but if you follow this simple advice today – you will secure the success you desire.

Go for it!

Coach Greg