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  • Not only has my Coach helped me maximize my potential and organize my priorities, but he has also been a stalwart ally through a season of tremendous growth in our organization.
    - Darren Embree, CrossRoads Church
  • Coaching has empowered me to make the mundane meaningful and helped me to focus on my real priorities - to win in my relationships. Coaching has enabled me to dream again and given me the tools, path and accountability to make them a reality! Iā€™m living the life I always envisioned in my heart of hearts but never knew how to initiate and navigate. If you want to live purposefully and fully engaged - then coaching is for you!
    ā€“ Janelle Reinhart, Professional Singer
  • My Coach has encouraged me to surround myself with people who will bring out the best in me. With my Coach I have a trusted advisor and friend who cares too much about me to allow me to settle for anything than my absolute best.
    ā€“ Joel Dombrow, Willamette Christian Church