July 14, 2012

Strategy Part Two: Strategy Function

In Strategy Part Two: Strategy Function the strategic focus shifts from planning the future to actually creating it.  This can be a daunting task.  During this phase of strategy planning the work environment becomes chaotic: roles and responsibilities, operations, finances, marketing, product and program offerings – all may need to change in order for new key objectives to become a reality.  Success is around the corner but allot of hard work is straight ahead. 
In Strategy Function you build a new strategic model of how your organization will work in the future. The new model executes the top five objectives your team determined in Strategy Formation. Here are some tips as you move through Strategy Function.
One: Design the new strategic model you want in your organization first.  Then determine the staff for it and how to fund it. A word of caution.  Many times the team members that brought your organization to where it is today cannot get your organization to where it needs to go in the future. 
Two: Select one team member to be the strategic driver and empower him or her to drive the strategic plan.  The strategic driver’s function is to keep all team members engaged in completing their strategic actions.  The strategic driver needs to be well respected by team members and have the ability to manage details and hold team members accountable.  
Three: Build your plan in an easy to review format and keep it in-front of your people.  It is recommend the strategy plan be reviewed by team members weekly and integrated into project lists and calendars.  
It’s not easy to move an organization from where it is today to a new preferred reality – but it can be done!  Next week we jump into Strategy Part Three: Strategy Execution and review the best practices to keep your strategic plans moving forward. 
To your excellence,
Coach Greg