I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 24 years and we have two amazing kids, Caleb and Cassie. We currently live in beautiful Ocala, Florida where I am the Executive Pastor at Meadowbrook Church. After 20 years of doing student ministry I am enjoying his new role where I have the opportunity to execute vision through coaching, building teams and leading a dynamic staff of over 50. I love reading, golf, movies and the University of Michigan Wolverines. #GoBlue

Coaching has changed my life! Over the past year and a half through Coachwell and my coach Scott McBride, we have been able to put together a strategic plan in several key areas of both my professional and personal life. Scott is a great coach and has an ability to help walk you through the necessary steps to set goals and apply action steps that you can accomplish and win. Personally, I have grown more in the last year than the previous twenty.

One of the goals was to become a healthier me. Through coaching I have been able to not only lose weight, but also I have developed a healthy lifestyle that will last forever. My spiritual, emotional and physical life has been drastically altered because of my relationship with Coachwell. On the professional side Scott has helped me put together very targeted and strategic goals with action steps that have catapulted our staff and church towards a better future. Coaching has been the key to overcoming obstacles and learning my new role while building others around me. Extremely grateful that I ran into Scott at an ARC conference, it resulted in life change.