Stephen Chandler

Destiny Harvest Church

My name is Stephen Chandler. I grew up a pastor’s kid from so young I’ve known a lot about church. From first knowing how to pretend to be awake in church, to learning how to play almost every instrument on stage in church to actually being over people and leading.

My 12 years of ministry experience greatly assisted me especially when I became the senior pastor of the church 5 years ago. Since becoming the senior pastor, I was able to see a small, traditional church of about 50 people transform into hundreds attending and thousands having fresh starts with God. And it has been a rewarding but challenging journey.

This past year I was fortunate to come in contact with Coachwell and Coach Scott McBride. From the time we began our calls to now, I’ve seen marked improvements in my leadership aptitude. In both personal coaching to professional coaching, I’ve been challenged to grow. From better articulating clear goals to developing executable next steps, to understanding more about personalities and how they greatly influence key leaders, I’ve seen my leadership lid increase dramatically. I’m thankful for the tough questions and simply the accountability I’ve received from Coach Scott. Not only has my executive team of leaders benefited because I’ve become a better leader, but my church has grown in numbers and finances. Coach Scott helped me navigate a critical time as a senior pastor for the church I love and I know the best is still yet to come.