I began working with Greg and Coachwell about one-and-a-half years ago. I had just been diagnosed with cancer and was anticipating a surgery. Greg and I agreed to meet when I returned to work after my surgery and I was fully recuperated.

My job is pretty complex. I work as an Area Director for a large social service non-profit. Part of my role includes overseeing our offices in Central Oregon, but it also includes serving as a County Mental Health Director, so even on a good day, my work is tough. I returned to work after six weeks of recovery to total chaos. The State regulatory group had completed a very unfavorable review of our Organization and there was significant community uproar asking for my resignation or the County to cut our contract. With my corporate leadership in the Seattle area and my being in Central Oregon, I needed support and results that would be quick, yet sustainable.

Greg and his Team at Coachwell provided the support that we needed and CoachwellPro helped me to get the results that I needed. Within six months we had the regulatory group satisfied, the public outcry managed and I felt good about the work that my team and I were doing. It feels good to be back in the place of being recognized for our cutting edge work and to see our staff happy and fulfilled with the work they are doing, knowing that our clients are getting the services they need.