As a writer and speaker, words are my art. A deliberate stringing of words becomes one of the highest forms of human expression when it gives a voice to the heart. Compassion That Compels and Compassion Bags started with a letter, a sweater and my two sisters-in-law and sister’s, cancer diagnosis. Today, Compassion That Compels has grown to an international ministry and non-profit with a simple mission to reach every woman battling cancer with Compassion Bags, reminding them they are brave, BEAUTIFUL, and never alone in this fight. My life’s love is filled and overflowing for my husband Royal, our daughters Grace and Annelise, and our two Yorkie’s of questionable pedigree. Collecting people and gardening are among my passions. Painting lives in brilliant hues of God’s love and compassion is my purpose.

Coachwell has taught me to lead with intentionality and set the pace for Compassion That Compels. Rapid growth and our worldwide reach had me struggling with the increasing needs of the ministry and the business aspects of a non-profit. I’ve discovered how to develop a team, vision cast for myself and for Compassion That Compels. This is the second year with Dianna as my life coach and I called this year’s sessions, “Sweet Harvest.” Corporate donors, individuals, and communities with generous hearts have helped sow seeds yielding a BEAUTIFUL crop of over 3100 BEAUTIFUL women blessed with Compassion Bags. I’m grateful to Dianna and Coachwell for providing the sustainability I needed both personally and professionally.