I’ve been involved in church ministry for 17 years and serve as the Associate Pastor at Grace Creek Church in Longview, Texas. My greatest desire and passion is to develop people. I’m in my “Dream Job”. I live by two primary principles: 1. Watch your life and doctrine closely. (1 Timothy 4:6) and 2. You’ll never be promoted until you are over qualified for your current position. I’ve been married to Jeanette for 17 years and love doing life with her. We have four children, Elijah, Melea, Zoe, and Isaiah.

My time with Scott has been so fruitful and rewarding! From the initial phone call to my latest session, Scott has challenged me, encouraged me, and has helped me become a better executive. I get excited and look forward to my sessions with Scott, because I know I’ll gain something every time. Scott has added value to my life. The gains experienced from being coached are lifelong.