I have been happily married to Leslie Carr Weehunt since 1985. We have four beautiful children, two son-in-laws, and two grandchildren. I am the Founder of SOS International and also serve as the current President. SOS is impacting tens of thousands of lives around the world every single day. At SOS we avidly seek to reach at-risk children with lifesaving intervention. Some of the ways we do this are through providing clean water, educating slum children, homes for the orphaned and abandoned children, feeding the hungry & rescue & rehabilitate victims of trafficking. I’ve given the last 30 years of my life to responding to cries for help and building sustainable, reproducible community development models. I have been to India over 80 times and have traveled to over 50 nations to help those in need.

Coachwell was recommended to us by one of our Board Members, who himself is a client. We are just finishing our first year with Coach Greg. The impact on my life and ministry has been remarkable. We have now implemented Coachwell online companywide. Coaching is happening at all levels now. Thanks to Coachwell each department has yearly & quarterly measurable goals and a developed plan with action steps to reach them. We are starting to see real growth thanks to Coachwell. Needless to say we quickly renewed for another year! I wholeheartedly recommend Coachwell to you and your organization.
To learn more about SOS International and our mission please visit us at www.sosresponds.org. for more information.