Daniel McCarthy

Musicbed and Filmsupply

My name is Daniel McCarthy and I am the founder and CEO of Musicbed and Filmsupply. With a diverse background in filmmaking, marketing, design, and music — I have built Musicbed into one of the world’s leading sites for licensing relevant music to filmmakers, brands, ad agencies and TV studios with a global customer base that includes entertainment powerhouses like Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Netflix, MTV, CBS, FOX, and ESPN, as well as the world’s top brands like Nike, Samsung, Facebook, Nikon, Xbox, Lexus, Lamborghini, Verizon and Google. Earlier this year, I launched Filmsupply to revolutionize the stock footage industry with premium 4K content from a new breed of revolutionary filmmakers.

We started Musicbed in 2012 with two people and no funding. It grew quickly and we found ourselves 4 years in with a profitable company and a ton of room to continue to grow. The problem is, I had an underdeveloped team and I was an underdeveloped CEO. They we’re great people, and even I had a ton of potential, but the fact is: we were young, and lacked the wisdom to really take the company to the next level. I learned really quickly that there was a big difference between success and sustainable success. I knew that if we wanted to continue to see the same kind of growth, and maintain a healthy culture while we did it, I was going to need help and guidance along the way. Coach Greg has been crucial to the growth of our company this year, and I am excited to continue to be challenged and coached by him!