April 5, 2011

Service Masters

It’s better to serve then be served.

I was in Windsor Canada last week speaking at a leadership conference and experienced a level of personal service that was quite compelling.   This picture is with a Windsor leader who took time off work to drive our team back and forth to the hotel and checked with us often to ensure we had everything we needed to succeed. The staff at Windsor Christian used phrases like:

  • Good Morning! Can I take care of that for you?
  • Is there anything else I can do to assist you?
  • Here’s what I can do to address that problem? 

It wasn’t what they were saying that impressed me or how well they served our team – it was how much service was apart of them.  There service was sincere and came from their heart – they were called to it and loved it!  It was so refreshing and compelling that you couldn’t help but get caught up in it.  What was even more impressive is every staff member from the kitchen staff to the media production; to hospitality to the camera crew they all exemplified exceptional service.  They were Service Masters! 

While we were at Windsor I realized that exceptional service has many benefits.  Because their team served us so well we were able to serve them with greater energy, expertise and results.  The service production team provided everything I needed for my talks that gave me a greater sense of freedom and energy to deliver better quality keynotes.  Their team took care of selling our resources which provided the opportunity for us to focus more on connecting and coaching leaders.  

My final observation is that Windsor Christian’s exceptional service came from its founders.  When you meet Pastor Rick and Cathy you understand why so many people on their staff have the heart and soul of service.  They caught the call to be Service Masters from their leaders – it’s just who they are! 

I left Windsor challenged.  I want to exemplify their award winning personal service in my own life and leadership.  How about you?