Our Team

Your Success is Our Success

We are a team of passionate professionals focused on helping each leader reach their greatest potential. If you need anything or have a question, we are here to help!

Greg Salciccioli

Owner + Chief Executive Officer

For close to two decades,  Greg has coached and consulted leaders to realize their goals and improve their own leadership, their teams, and organizations. He loves to write, speak, coach and lead the Coachwell team. If you want to see how coaching can improve your life, your team or organization, give Greg a call!

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Dianna Salciccioli

Owner + Chief Cultural Officer

Dianna has spent the past 17 years coaching professional men and women with a desire to lead well, live well and leave a great legacy. In her role, she coaches all of our team to make sure that as a company, we “join the journey” of growth alongside all of our clients. If you want to talk about the power of coaching or how to build great cultures, connect with Dianna!

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Kate MacMillan

Business Manager

In her role as Business Manager, Kate is responsible for overseeing ongoing operations and procedures, human resources, internal team development and serving as a Coachwell brand ambassador to clients and business partners. If you have billing, contracting, or procedural questions, she’s your gal!

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Susie Mersereau

Brand Expression + Client Success

Susie joined the Coachwell Team in 2015 and has filled a variety of roles since then. Currently, Susie uses her skills as a designer to manage our brand expression and create new creative assets. She also supports our coach team and our expanding marketing efforts. If you have a question about Coachwell or our brand she’s the one to talk to!

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Donna Boyd


Donna loves working with numbers and enjoys doing accounting for both non-profit and for-profit businesses. She also keeps busy during tax season preparing returns for individuals. In her role with Coachwell, she keeps all of the financials organized and in order.