July 23, 2011

Need Lift in Your Life?

We woke up this morning with a funny swooshing sound outside.  Dianna and I ran to the window and there they were – beautiful balloons.  The balloons make a distinct swooshing sound when the pilot hits the burners to make more hot air. 

Every July Balloons Over Bend wakes up the community with multi-colored mesmerizing monsters. Check out this beauty.

As we watched the silent creatures float by I thought about how fun it must be to rise above the city and capture the breathtaking morning view of the Cascade mountains on a crystal clear day.  Follow the Deschutes river in your flight pattern waving to the little people on the ground who can’t experience your enhanced perspective. Rising above the cares and concerns of life capturing a rare moment of beauty and peace in our busy modern world.  

The feeling of lift must bring a wonderful sense of freedom.  I thought more about how important it is to have lift in our life. We can keep our feet to firmly planted on the ground – stuck in situations that deflate us.  

I find in my own life and the lives of the leaders I coach – a strange phenomenon. When we’re stuck in situations that are deflating our attitude and ability to move forward – we stay there.  Why?  We think if we just work longer and harder we will someday get some lift out of the situation.  Probably not! For example let’s just say you have a staff member who continues to cause problems with other team members.  Of course you have talked with them and pointed out the obvious challenges they are creating with some clear solutions – but they refuse to change. Will more time and harder work with the person improve the situation. No! 

In fact you will begin to loose valuable team members because you failed to act. So what’s the answer? Change the situation before you loose your lift and hit the ground.

If your loosing lift in your life or leadership here’s a recommendation:

1. Get to a quiet place and write down what is causing you to deflate in a difficult situation.

2. Determine what needs to change in your situation to gain more lift. Unless we change a situation we will not be able to get different results.   

3.  Create simple action steps schedule them in your calendar and complete them this week.  Watch your life take flight!

We may not have a beautiful big balloon that can help us rise above it all but we do have the ability to change the areas in our life that are deflating us – if we act! Let’s be leaders that take flight and soar above difficult situations because we’re willing to face them and change them. 

I am excited to head into a new series in the month of August on: Strength. How to build it and utilize it in our life and with the people we lead. If your want more information click on the “Learn more” in the main banner at the top of the home page. I want to encourage you to subscribe to Coach Greg (go to the top of the home page and select “subscribe”) so you can receive valuable insights directly to your inbox each week. You will be inspired and equipped to be more effective in your life and leadership.

To your excellence,

Coach Greg