March 14, 2019

Living Life by Design – Part 1


Over the next two weeks, we are going to be discussing some practical tips to living life with more intentionality each day. This week, we will discuss the difference between living life by “default” vs. “design” and some practical steps to creating a Personal Plan.


Living life by default means that we live life reactively. Default – by it’s very definition is “failure to act”. Many people, some consciously and many unconsciously adopt this lifestyle and end up calling many of the misfortunes in their life as “fate” – it was just means to happen. In this mindset, when tragedy or conflict occurs, we blame it on our circumstances, as if we had not free-will to choose another course. This means that we let the turbulence of life toss and turn us around, and we never arrive at the destination we desire.  Living life by default is very shortsighted, causes use to live reactively. This can and will feed anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, and eventually self-sabotage. Those who live by default, live in a land of “if -only“ and “someday.”

By contrast, living life by design means that we live proactively. Inevitably we will be buffeted by the turbulence of life, but we have determined a clear course, and have equipped ourselves with the tools to navigate the storms. We take a proactive approach to life by thinking and planning ahead of time for the life we want to achieve. This mindset will help to provide a life of joy, peace, love, hope and sustainable success. Living Life by design is directed by specific and focused intentional action which leads to greater personal and professional success, higher energy, enriched relationships and fully realized potential.

“Self-Leadership is where all other leadership begins.”
– Michael Hyatt

The first step in starting to live life by design is to sit down and create a Personal Plan. Ask yourself, “How do I want to grow personally this year?” This video discusses some practical steps to creating success in your personal life this year. If you want help in building a personal plan, reach out to us!