June 25, 2013

Listen and Lead Well!


Most men enjoy getting outside; time spent doing things alongside one another. Fishing, biking, hiking or hunting all require some conversation for the sake of the activity. The conversation is great, but the activity is the main event.

Brief conversation is fine outdoors but it’s not enough in our professional environments. We all need to engage in purposeful communication, called Active Listening. Active Listening provides the opportunity for greater influence and impact in our leadership. Here’s a definition:

Active Listening is the act of mindfully hearing and attempting to comprehend the meaning of words spoken by someone in conversation.

This skill set advances our life and leadership immensely. When we actively listen, we show people they matter, they’re valued and we understand what they’re saying.

Last week we discussed how most leaders haven’t been effectively trained or introduced to the real power of Active Listening. The good news is, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Our Active Listening process is simple. Go ahead, give it a try!

Active Listening works like receiving a FedEx package. The Listener receives the Speaker’s package (communication content), signs for it (takes notes), and opens it up to see what it is (discerns the Speaker’s message). When the Listener actively engages the Speaker, he or she is unpacking the needs of the Speaker and discerning the meaning of what is being communicated to respond properly.

When we listen, we’re empowered to provide what a person really needs.

When we listen, the person grants us permission to provide leadership as a trusted adviser.

When we listen, we’re equipped to draw sound conclusions from a conversation.

Imagine the honor that brings! Imagine the influence and power that’s released in relationships!

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The amazing fact is that most leader’s personal greatness was there all along. The missing component was a trusted mentor to advise and equip them! Active Listening can and will take you to places of influence you haven’t yet discovered. The real question is, are you willing?

Share some of your insights, concerns or helpful experiences with Active Listening in a comment below! We love hearing from you and seek ways to improve how best we can serve you. 

To your excellence,

Coach Greg