May 29, 2013

Kicking Indulgence to the Curb

It’s spring and time for that annual trip to the Goodwill. Many of us have too much stuff, or even a few extra pounds stored from the cold winter months spent indoors. 

Having stuff we don’t need and a few extra pounds is one thing, but finding ourselves stuck in a cycle of indulgence in overeating, drinking too much, wasting hours on social media, or spending too much money is something we need to be concerned about. We tell ourselves we can snap out of indulgence whenever we want, but the truth is, we’re hooked. Indulgence patterns are not easily broken.

Much like bad habits, indulgence provides some kind of reward. It may be a stress-reliever or something that distracts us from reality. I’m not talking about that occasional vacation you take or having a piece of cake at a birthday party. It’s the unchecked, frequent indulgences that can and will crowd out your excellence and ultimately cause you to fail.

The problem is that indulgence fails to produce better people. It subtracts from the life you are meant to have and the person you want to become. This makes indulgence a primary enemy in the battle for personal greatness.

To do the hard work of moving toward excellence, we must do a bit of spring cleaning in our life. We must engage the possibility that there is an enemy of excellence in our life called indulgence and counter it aggressively.

Wrong Thinking: I can manage my indulgence, I have control over it.

This thinking pattern is an indication that you may be turning a blind eye to your own weaknesses. We all do this out of a subconscious need to secure our best interests, which in many cases, makes us more vulnerable to the power of our indulgence. Could there even be a mild indulgence in your life that is stealing energy, focus and excellence?

Right Thinking: I control my choices and indulgence must go!

Invest a moment to evaluate your life. Are you engaged in indulgence? Here’s the good news: you can stop being an indulgence manager and be promoted to an indulgence eliminator! Here’s how you kick your indulgence to the curb:

Indulgence Solution

  • Pinpoint your exact indulgence. Dig deep and ask: What do I daydream about obsessively or turn to first to escape stress? What is that gnawing habit that distracts me from the best choices in life?
  • Consider the risk of never reaching your full potential.
  • Act to eliminate loss in your life, whether time or focus or talent and rid yourself of the indulgence!

My suggestion to you is to drop your enemy of indulgence off at the Goodwill with your junk or at the gym with those extra pounds and don’t look back. See this as a defining moment in your life. Will you decide to turn around, or court disaster by continuing to manage your indulgence?

Start today by refusing to let the enemy of indulgence gain ground and reclaim the high ground of your character. Have you shared this blog with a friend? Click one of the icons below and send this blog to your friends and colleagues or leave us a comment! We enjoy interacting with our readers here at Coachwell. Thanks for reading today and may it benefit your life and the lives of your colleagues and friends.

To your excellence,

Coach Greg