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Executive Coach to entrepreneurs, corporate executives, healthcare professionals, franchisees and non-profit executive directors, helping them to focus on intentionality to thrive and accomplishing their goals while achieving work-life harmony.


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Kelly is a problem solver and innovative thinker who knows how to encourage teams to embrace a change mindset to ensure relevancy. Her genius is being able to quickly discern patterns and trends to see the end-point and to identify root causes to understand the “why”. She is a strategic thinker who has the unique ability to tactically execute and naturally excels at guiding teams to assess and identify risk.

Her 20 plus year career in healthcare, IT and the hospitality industry has provided a broad background with an emphasis on team leadership, coaching, innovation and analytics. An Atlanta native, Kelly is married to her high school sweetheart and has two teenage boys. She loves all things wellness related and spending time outdoors.