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Leading teams and individuals in the for-profit and non-profit space for over 35 years  


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For 35+ years, Jeff has had the privilege to lead teams and organizations in the for-profit and non-profit space. He has led in many settings in owning and managing his own company and employees, having served on several non-profit boards, and assisted in directing many community events. In all of these settings, he has found himself continually drawn to understanding the people he has led and worked with, how they work effectively, or ineffectively together in achieving their goals and addressing areas of opportunities for leadership growth and culture building with individuals and teams.

As an Executive Coach, he is devoted to building leaders worth following. He is skilled at helping individuals/teams discover and remove barriers to their influence, consequently maximizing their influence across their organizations, teams, and relationships. One of his greatest passions is to help companies grow by developing their people, helping build better leaders and increase team performance, which results in growing their best possible culture.