March 3, 2013

How's Your Ego?



Egotism is one of the primary Enemies of Excellence. One unchecked egotist in the work environment can ruin it for everyone! Why? Because egotists make people feel expendable. Not all egotists are overtly rude or demanding either. In fact, one very memorable egotist–the white-collar criminal  Bernie Madoff–was charismatic and kind to his staff, yet never shared decision making or control.

It’s possible you work for a leader like Bernie, or recognize some of his traits in your own management style. Egotistical leaders appear altruistic, but behind the facade is arrogance with a strong sense of entitlement. These are classic behavior traits I have identified in egocentric high-profile leaders of large organizations. Instead of leading a company or cause for the betterment of mankind, an egotist serves self-centered means behind a polished public image.

To avoid the enemy of an egocentric focus, we need to not only avoid egotism but to understand the benefits of altruism. The attitude of an altruistic leader is infectious–this is what spreads their influence. It inspires people with the motivation to achieve the mission of any organization. An altruistic leader creates a culture of trust and mutual respect, securing the loyalty of teammates and colleagues. Discover more about egotism and altruism in chapter three of The Enemies of Excellence available in hardcover or e-book!

The first step in building an altruistic focus is to evaluate. The purpose of evaluation is to understand your current reality to discover the best course for moving out of egotism and toward altruism.

Altruistic leaders build sustainable success rather than sabotaging it. Are you an altruistic leader in your organization, or is egotism getting in the way? Download your free Ego Evaluation  to begin the work of altruism now! Here are several of the benefits I’ve observed in my work with leaders over the years:

1.) Altruism builds a culture of collaboration and increased influence.

2.) Altruism maintains top talent in your organization and reduces staff turnover rates.

3.) Altruism maximizes results with your ability to mobilize team members.

When you complete the Ego Evaluation, go with your first impression and try not to over-think each question. The goal here is to raise your awareness of how you think and behave and how that behavior affects others. Transparency is an admirable quality that advances your growth and influence as a leader. The incredible gift of personal growth that results will prove very valuable in helping you reach your potential.

To your excellence,

Coach Greg