May 30, 2011

How Courage Can Conquer Crisis

Only those leaders who act boldly in times of crisis and change are willingly followed – Jim Kouzes 

We are facing turbulent times.  From wars to economic challenge and natural disasters – our world is in crisis.  

Consider the state of Alabama – 42 of 75 counties are declared a federal disaster area. The cities of Huckleburg, Field Campbell and Mount Hope are devastated when a mile wide category 5 tornado touched ground and destroyed everything in its path for 75 miles.  The precious people who survived this catastrophe are doing their best to survive the shock of losing their homes, loved ones, churches (as pictured above), schools and place of employment.  In Huckleburg Alabama the Wrangler Jean plant is gone and so are the jobs that supported the local workers.  How would you feel if everything in your life was loaded into a dump truck and hauled off or worse yet your entire home is gone and all that that remains is the dirt it stood on.

According to Sammy Gilbreath the President of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions who with his staff serve 3200 congregations – “people are in shock”.  It’s hard to move forward when your “emotionally fragile and can’t make sense of what happened”.  Sammy and his team have courageously been serving long hours in this tornado torn zone with over 900 twisters reported in May. 

So how do we help people living in devastation:

1. Come alongside local leaders in these devastated areas and care for them speaking hope in a hopeless situation.  

2. Send Donations to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Fund – who ensures 100% of what is given gets to work helping people.

3. Give them courage – the most critical component in a time of crisis is courage. Courage can sustain us in the crisis and provide the solutions we need to recover. Without it we all – can crumble under the weight of challenging circumstances.  

How do you build courage:  

1. Look up in faith and not down at your circumstances – take the Apostle Paul’s advice: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

2. Determine to be bold and courageous – in every challenging situation.  It is amazing how we can perform in a time of crisis when we determine to lead and be apart of the solution and not add to the problem. 

3. Reach out to others and collaborate in meeting the challenges before you – be creative in problem solving, utilizing the collective wisdom in a group.

3. Look beyond the disaster to a new desired future envision what can be beyond what you see.

Let’s be leaders like Sammy and his team of courageous leaders.  Let’s lift those around us and practice courage in times of crisis.

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To you excellence,

Coach Greg