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This typical hiring process is difficult, time-consuming and rarely nets you a Top Performer.

It’s time to do something better.


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Whether you are a small business or a publicly traded company, all organizations look for the same criteria in their hiring process: skills, experience and likability. Candidates apply for a job and are screened subjectively based on self-disclosed skills and experiences. Then the candidates are interviewed and are often times hired based upon a ‘gut feeling’. Unfortunately, this does not tell us whether they will be a Top Performer or not.

Increase efficiency

Rather than screening an endless amount of applications and resumes, focus your scope on those individuals who you know are built to succeed in the job.

Remove the guesswork

By creating a Top Performer Profile, you will have full assurance that every candidate you are looking at is hardwired to be successful in that specific role. The Core Values Index is the most accurate assessment of the innate and unchanging aspects of an individual. With a 97.7% repeat reliability score, you’ll be amazed at how well it works.

Get a top performer

We guarantee that you will hire a top performer who is wired to succeed in the role you are looking for.


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Greg Salciccioli


For over a decade Greg has coached and consulted leaders to realize their goals and improve their lives. Greg directs the Coachwell team and inspires team members to pursue excellence as an example to others.

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Rod Tillery


Rod specializes in helping organizations increase employee engagement, grow their cultural health and guarantee that they hire top performers every time. He is also an experienced trainer and engaging keynote speaker.

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