October 20, 2013

High Performance People Part 4: Progress

People who experience progress are more fulfilled. It is the real reason people engage in coaching relationships. They want to do something they haven’t done before. It’s not achieved with a miracle solution, or another five step formula to the challenges we face as busy human beings. Progress is the final result of teamwork as learner and coach. 

Life is a teacher; we never stop learning from it. And if we are headed in the right direction, we are gaining knowledge and acting upon what we’ve learned to build a better understanding of ourselves and the people around us. That’s what coaching is all about! 
As we add the final step in the process of Self-Regulated Learning (Perspective, Planning, Performance, Progress) its important to stay intrinsically motivated and make it to the finish line by tracking our progress.
With intrinsic motivation, the learner invests as much value in the coaching process as the coach or mentor. Intrinsic motivation is the cog that turns the wheel of Self-Regulated Learning, in which learners are cognitively, motivationally, and behaviorally active participants in their own learning process. Any change that we desire but have not first accepted as our own responsibility will not happen. This truth sits at the very crux of a good coaching relationship.

Remember, research demonstrates that the coach is the most important element to summon positive internal dialogue! 
Progress is the final step of Self-Regulated Learning. Learners who have made it this far are aware of their level of achievement and mastery with new tasks and how they best learn. Coaches assist in Progress through bi-weekly coaching sessions, action planning and regular examination of goal completion in learners’ personal and professional plans.
What are you achieving now that you have a coach? What were some of the goals you wrote down in the Planning phase? This is one of the most powerful questions to ask someone who is being coached. In fact, you may not be able to get them to stop talking! 
One of my clients has completed his lifelong dream of authoring his own book. Another has learned how to take ownership of his health and put a major dent in his weight loss goal. The list continues of success stories of people who have realized what they are truly capable of with accountability on board.
Something we do as coaches is to help people see the truth, eliminate excuses, and face challenges. Without an accurate grasp of your own abilities, you will be less willing to tackle challenges and face difficult tasks. A coach helps people face their abilities with an accurate perspective. Then, we get the privilege of celebrating with our clients as a team! 

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Coach Greg