October 7, 2013

High Performance People Part 3: Performance

Great leaders and organizations always have a plan. Why? Because plans work. Plans turn an abstract idea of where an individual or company wants to go into concrete success. A global management study by Bain & Company indicates that organizations with clearly defined vision and mission statements that aligned with a strategic plan outperform those who do not.

Coachwell is dedicated to developing positive results in your life and the life of your organization. We believe the key to long-term results begins with a holistic approach to personal and organizational health. We don’t just focus on problematic areas; we focus on all areas, using our rich resources in life, leadership and coaching to cultivate a growth culture in your company.

Now that we’re familiar with Self-Regulated Learning, it’s time to examine step three of the process; measuring performance. This phase in Self-Regulated Learning involves learners setting goals to ensure they are prepared for the tasks and measuring their progress against those goals. More or less, the performance phase helps people to adopt responsibility for their own success.

Performance is always measurable and that’s one of the aspects of reaching a goal that scares people the most. If you don’t measure your performance, it’s safer because you feel as if there is nothing to lose. A little discipline and oversight from a coach goes a long way in formulating a simple, customized and realistic plan to get you where you need to go. 

Our Coachwell System provides a helpful template to track your performance, which a coach will also examine and ensure it suits your needs and timelines. Goals are something to look at several times throughout the week, to remind yourself what you are working toward. Without tracking performance, you can become forgetful and start to slack off a little or start giving yourself excuses to get out of the very discipline you need.

Here at Coachwell, we encourage you to develop a one page plan that contains Personal and Professional Values, Goals with Action Steps, and Disciplines that you can review daily to increase progress and success.

Personal and Professional values are the ideals you cherish the most, the ones you want to be known for at work and at home. Think of trust, fairness, kindness, honesty, respect, loyalty, love, diligence and how each applies to your life. Choose the ones most important to you.

Goals with action steps are fairly straightforward, suggesting how you’d like to see those all-important values take root in your life. Finally, disciplines are behaviors that help you to reach your goals. A discipline could be waking up early in the morning to journal or read your Bible before work.

A discipline could mean a low sugar diet, or a change of pace, or a shift in a deeply entrenched life habit that is holding you back from achieving more. Disciplines are different for everyone but they always work!

As Coaches, we are thrilled to partner with you in this process of becoming the best version of yourself. There is no greater joy than for a leader or coach to see someone accept responsibility for life change and to witness the positive results. It’s what we live for here at Coachwell. 

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To your excellence in performing well,

Coach Greg