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For nearly two decades, Greg Salciccioli has devoted his life to helping leaders advance their personal excellence and organizational effectiveness. Greg is a published author, accomplished keynote speaker, sought-after executive coach and enterprise consultant. He enjoys working with leaders and organizations to advance their excellence, effectiveness and profitability. Greg’s specializes in executive coaching, strategic planning and organizational development with growth stage companies. 

Greg is the CEO of Coachwell and Coachwell Capital, a full-service firm specializing in serving the full life-cycle of a business and leaders journey. 

Greg’s book, The Enemies of Excellence, details his approach to personal and professional success. In addition to a foreword by Patrick Lencioni, Matthew Kelly and Ken Blanchard have endorsed the book. 

Throughout the past 15 years, Greg has received consistently high evaluations for the hundreds of keynotes that he has provided for audiences ranging in size from large conventions to small corporate teams. 

Greg lives in central Oregon with his wife Dianna and family. Greg’s sons Nate and Dave are married to incredible spouses Katie and Azlan who have provided him with wonderful grandchildren. Greg and his family enjoy outdoor activities and spending time together. 

"Each coaching session with Greg Salciccioli helps me refine and enhance my leadership style in ways that truly benefit me both professionally and personally. As a University President, he has been a tremendous asset in helping me rethink my approach to various situations which will ultimately lead to successful stewardship of my institution. Greg and his firm are top notch!

Dennis DePerro - St. Bonaventure University