June 15, 2018

Getting Unstuck and Pursuing Your Goals

I often hear the word “stuck” when I get into conversations with my coaching clients.

Stuck in a career rut

Stuck with an overbooked schedule

Stuck in a tough spot with finances

And when my clients use this word, I get what they’re saying. Feeling limited by tough circumstances is a universal experience. At some point, we all reach
the end of our rope in what we can do alone.

As humans, we are designed for relationships. We crave connection at our jobs, with our significant others, and especially while making important decisions
about the future. Nobody likes to feel stuck!

Relationships are the only antidote to feeling stuck because they can help you identify the things you want in life and what’s getting in the way of them.
Relationships are like a mirror held up to your life, enabling you to observe all the different possibilities. A coaching relationship is no different.

It’s especially tough for leaders to decide when it’s time to get a coach for their professional lives because they fear losing the old ways of doing things.
Control plays a big factor in this. Even if productivity has stalled out and all other options are exhausted, it’s hard for anyone to put old notions
aside and try something new.

But it’s like Warren Buffet says:

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

In the places where we feel the most stuck, we have the power to press restart. We encounter dozens, if not hundreds of choices in a day. When so many
choices surround us, it’s easy to get overwhelmed about where to begin. That’s where a professional coach can fill in the gaps. Working toward individual development goalsand
milestones will get you moving in the right direction.

Getting unstuck is sometimes as simple as picking up the phone and calling a friend. Or maybe it’s taking the first step: admitting what you want. Whether
Coachwell is part of that journey for you or not, we’re excited to hear about your progress in the area of getting “unstuck” with the goals that are
most important to you. No goal is too big or too small that a coach can’t help!

At Coachwell, our clients have gotten “unstuck” to run distance races, lose their goal weight,
become published authors, start their own business, gain leadership skills, and more. They’ve reached greater thresholds of understanding with their
teams and companies and are enjoying a renewed sense of purpose in their careers. Take a moment to share with us one area you’d like toget “unstuck”
in the comments below.

To your excellence in staking out a path to your dreams,

Coach Greg