August 1, 2013

Experiencing Excellence

I’ve provided you with lots of strategies and methods to pursue excellence in your own life, from Active Listening to enhancing your Emotional Intelligence as a leader. All of these building blocks lead to experiencing greater excellence.

It requires courage and intentional effort to pursue excellence every day.

Excellent People:

  • Use Active Listening to ensure they hear and are heard by others.
  • Endeavor to have the highest Emotional Intelligence in every interaction.
  • Plan their week before their week – to set it up for success.
  • Ensure their rhythms of renewal are practiced each week. They know how fatigue can make cowards of us all.
  • Have clear defined goals they review each week – increasing productivity and satisfaction.
  • Engage in coaching.

These best-practices remove the limitations keeping you from building a better life and leadership.

When these best practices are in action, the change is noticeable in your life. Your kids enjoy seeing you when you come home for dinner, your workouts are regular, and you are not as stressed out as you once were. You have sustained levels of energy and understand when it’s time to shut the laptop and get some rest. Your life is an ebb and flow of healthy habits and processes. You deflect distraction with ease and you aren’t so hyped up on caffeine to stay alert during the day.

You’re experiencing the power of excellence! 

Your coworkers start to wonder what leadership guru you are following on Twitter or what new diet you’re trying out. But you’ve learned how the secret to life change is not a quick fix at all, but a culmination of self-discipline, accountability and coaching that’s helped you reach your goals.

You start to wonder if you’ve reached the ceiling of your personal excellence, and if there’s more room to grow. Achieving excellence always resonates back to relationships. I like to compare this to my relationship with my wife. Even after 29 years of marriage, there’s still things about her that I don’t know, new facets of her personality I’m discovering, new ways to communicate and do life and relationships better. With excellence, like in a healthy marriage, you never reach a stopping point. You’re always striving for more love, honesty, service to one another, and respect.

Excellence is a lifelong pursuit.

When you think you’ve arrived at the best version of yourself, you’ve fallen victim to the enemy of pride that seeks to devour the excellence you’ve worked so hard for. See my book for other Enemies of Excellence that can destroy your success! 

I’ve seen this disheartening pattern among leaders too many times. They become self-sufficient, their egos get inflated and before you know it they are in the limelight for some reputation-tarnishing scandal or a public divorce battle.

Our pursuit of excellence is critical. 

The world cannot function without excellent leaders, and we need more of them! Invest the time and energy you need to break through the leadership behaviors that sabotage your success. Give us a call at Coachwell at 541.728.0601 to partner with a Professional Coach and see how we can help you experience the excellence you long for!

To your excellence,

Coach Greg