March 11, 2013

Experience the Power of Priorities

Productivity is the hot topic of the twenty-first century. It’s the big fish everyone wants to catch. But productivity is elusive for most of us, slipping through our grasp as to-do lists grow out of control and work hours roll into weekends. The tyranny of the urgent gets the best of us. We need to learn how to harness the Power of Priorities.

The first challenge to overcome is the Enemy of Life Mismanagement. Life mismanagement affects most people, even those who seem to have their act together. Anyone can fall into its trap. What makes it so hard to defeat is that it tricks us into thinking we have a time problem, when really we have a priority problem.

The second challenge is understanding how to establish our priorities. I learned there are three steps to unleashing the Power of Priorities:

1. Recognition.

2. Practice.

3. Innovation.

I know the power of these steps because I’ve faced each one personally. I haven’t always had the healthy life management pattern I now enjoy and there were many dark days I would rather not remember when my lack of effective life management almost destroyed me and my family.

My life management skills changed when I was recovering from back surgery. During physical therapy I learned how to be healthy of heart, mind, and soul. Right then and there, I had my recognition point. It’s usually when we’re lying flat on our backs, staring life in the face that these reality checks hit us with full force.

In physical therapy, I engaged the discipline of practice. The slow, repetitive movements reinforced the muscles in need of strengthening. It’s the same with our schedule. We practice life management when we repeat healthy habits like eating fresh food, ensuring adequate sleep, and blocking out a specific time each day to engage in exercise. The key to practice is always repetition.

Innovation arrives on the heels of practice. It’s in the doing that we discover new approaches to a more efficient, healthier life. Never stop growing and be willing to abandon things that no longer work or are outdated. 

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To your excellence,

Coach Greg