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Dianna is the co-founder of Coachwell, a professional coaching and consulting company. With her husband Greg and the Coachwell Team, they work hard to inspire excellence in the courageous leaders they are privileged to serve. Dianna enjoys meeting leaders who desire to be the best they can be. She firmly believes that when a leader focuses on their strengths, takes intentional action to grow, and invites quality feedback in their lives and professions, they will experience success.

Dianna’s degree is in Sociology, which speaks to her love for people and her desire to come alongside those facing challenges, pointing them in the direction of renewed growth and productivity. Dianna has served as a Professional Coach for 11 years. Her clients report they are better able to navigate change, accomplish fresh goals, enjoy increased self-esteem, and maintain a much better work/life balance through their coaching relationship. When she is not coaching, Dianna spends her time mentoring young women, creating memories with family members, running/spin classes, writing an inspiring blog (salciccioli.wordpress.com), reading and enjoying all the outdoor activities Bend, Oregon has to offer.

"Dianna is not only a professional coach, but she will become your personal cheerleader. With a level of high integrity and pure fun, Dianna knows how to encourage you to become the best version of yourself. She will give you more than 100% of herself, and all that she will ask of you is to believe in yourself, and be willing to do the work. The result? Not only a 'new you' but a great friendship with someone who highly values people."

- A.W.