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Personalized access.

Every staff member has secure access to CoachwellPro on their desktop and mobile devices. This encourages greater personal and professional development.

Personal plan.

Everyone can build a better life. Establish personal goals, increase health and track progress.

Professional plan.

Directors and Managers assist Team Members in building their Professional Plan each quarter. Along with ongoing coaching, team members are more focused and productive every day.

Learning library.

Offer your company training and resources to your entire organization as well as access Coachwell content in one place.

Improve company culture.

Encourage greater collaboration and intentionality as team members pursue their goals together. Your team operates in a culture centered around coaching, growth and greater productivity.

Advance management.

Coachwell trains Directors and Managers in the essential skills of effective coaching leadership. This leads to greater feedback, support and encouragement for all team members.

A CoachwellPro License includes:


  • Action Center
    Schedule, create and complete action steps in one convenient location.
  • Professional and Personal Plan
    Stay focused on your top priorities.
  • Performance Tracking
    Review daily, weekly and monthly progress.
  • Calendar Integration
    Sync actions step due dates to your Google or Outlook calendar.
  • Learning Library
    Store your Organization’s content and access Coachwell resources.
  • Coaching Interface
    Share plans, store coaching notes and collaborate.
  • Unlimited Performance Reviews
    Receive regular feedback from your supervisor and peers.
  • Private Journal
    Capture ideas and inspiration in a confidential place.
  • Mobile Access
    Review your Growth Tracks, Goals and Action Steps and coach using your mobile device.


  • Executive Team
    Outline a CoachwellPro Leadership Development Plan for your organization.
  • System Manager
    Learn how to set up Coaches, Team Members as well as how to upload content to your Learning Library.
  • Coaches
    Learn coaching best practices as well as how to use the Coach-specific features of the system.
  • Team Members
    Watch short tutorial videos on how to use all features in the system.
  • Performance Review
    Understand the Coachwell Performance Review Process and be trained on how to initiate, contribute to and complete a review.
  • Custom Goals
    Discover how to build Custom Goals for your Learning Library geared toward keeping employees on-track and productive.
  • Live Webinars
    Attend weekly CoachwellPro system training and Q&A.

Additional Services

  • Live Onsite Launch
    Propel the success of CoachwellPro in your organization by having a Coachwell Expert come to your location to train your staff.
  • Custom Learning Library
    Have Coachwell build your organization’s valuable content into CoachwellPro and allow your staff quick access to important training and resources.
  • Team Assessments
    Leverage the strengths of your Team better by ordering a Team DISC, Team Health Assessment or the Emotional Quotient inventory.
  • Executive Coaching
    Invite your lead team members to engage in complimentary Coaching Consultation to discover how Executive Coaching can accelerate their growth.



Are you interested in CoachwellPro?

  • CoachwellPro helps me organize and prioritize those things that will get me to my goals. It has helped to keep me focused on my time. Doing what needs to be done in the office not home.
  • The CoachwellPro System has dramatically impacted me in several areas. Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. It's also given me great tools to help coach my team. Love the accountability of it as well.
  • Coaching has helped me increase my emotional quotient by becoming more self-aware…my Coach encourages me to avoid isolation and become the best version of myself.
    – Jim Leighton, Perdue Foods