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Whether you are a single location, or moving towards a DSO, Coachwell Culture is designed to help you optimize your culture in every step of the process.

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The problem is clear – only 33% of the American workforce is highly engaged in their work.

This negatively impacts our organizations in a variety of ways including high turnover, low productivity, higher rates of absenteeism and ultimately lower profits. For your organization to survive and thrive, focusing on building a highly engaged culture has to be your number one priority. The solution? Building a coaching culture and focusing on developing great managers, aligning individuals strengths with their role and creating purpose-driven teams. This is the only proven way to increase employee engagement.

Coachwell Culture comes alongside you and your team to be an organizational development partner specializing in building a Coaching Culture within your organization. Our process equips your organization with the structure, support, data and assessments needed to fully launch, scale and perpetuate a coaching culture within your organization that produces results.

Establish the Baseline

All employees will take the Core Values Index (The most accurate assessment of an individual’s true nature)  as well as the Q12 Engagement Index to establish baseline metrics. We also create a data studio to measure traditional business metrics along with engagement growth.

Launch a Coaching Culture

Initiate a 2-day onsite to meet with all parties involved to do the following:

    • Train all team members on the Core Values Index
    • Debrief the Q12 Engagement Index results
    • Train managers on how to become a Coaching Leader
    • Build a Strategic Roadmap for the organization that includes cultural objectives

Grow your People

Begin individual coaching engagements with executive leadership as well as team coaching for managers to drive the implementation and advancement of the agreed upon cultural objectives. We come alongside as an organizational development partner to help you build sustainable and repeatable success. 

Coaching for Dental Practices

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Dave Salciccioli

Chief Development Officer

As the Chief Development Officer, Dave works diligently to help Coachwell grow and develop. This means supporting our coach and team, developing new content and materials, managing our marketing and brand expression and equiping our coaches to impact to those whom they coach. If you want to talk about partnership or joining our coaching team, he’s your guy.

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

- Simon Sinek

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