Your trusted advisor.

Your life is important—every part of it. When you’re doing well, every part of your life goes well, and when you’re not doing well, everything suffers. Coachwell equips you to excel by paying attention to what matters most—your character, your health, your goals, your priorities and the team you’re building around you. Through engaging, customized, one-on-one sessions with Coachwell experts, we help you develop a personal and professional plan to excel in all areas of your life.

Take the first step in developing your customized coaching plan and contact us for a coaching consultation. Our Coachwell team of experts will assess every area of your life and help you determine if a coaching relationship is right for you.


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Our coaching approach.

A balance between Personal and Professional Development - Coachwell equips you to excel by paying attention to what matters most: your health, your goals, your priorities, and the team you’re building around you. Our coaching approach is holistic; we believe success is found when all facets of your life are working well.



Integrity, perseverance, discipline, faithfulness and gratitude – we focus on the character traits that make a lasting impact.

Work/Life Balance
Career, health, family, friends, Church, self – we work with you to determine how to balance your personal and professional life so you have more energy and fulfillment.

Spouse, co-workers, children, friends – we help you build and foster the most important relationships in your life.

Motivation, ambition, intention and goals – we assist you in identifying what your unique personal purpose is and are your trusted advisor as you work to achieve it.



Leadership Skills
Roles, priorities, relationships, staff, vision and organizational planning – we prepare you to excel professionally, build your team and grow your organization.

Communication, trust, morale, shared ownership – we help you do the things that transform good teams into great teams.

Emotional Intelligence
Self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation and social skills – we coach you in the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of those around you.

Organizational Growth
Productivity, profitability, longevity and expansion – we partner with you to develop growth and development strategies for your organization.


  • Not only has my Coach helped me maximize my potential and organize my priorities, but he has also been a stalwart ally through a season of tremendous growth in our organization.
    - Darren Embree, CrossRoads Church
  • Coaching has empowered me to make the mundane meaningful and helped me to focus on my real priorities - to win in my relationships. Coaching has enabled me to dream again and given me the tools, path and accountability to make them a reality! I’m living the life I always envisioned in my heart of hearts but never knew how to initiate and navigate. If you want to live purposefully and fully engaged - then coaching is for you!
    – Janelle Reinhart, Professional Singer
  • My Coach has encouraged me to surround myself with people who will bring out the best in me. With my Coach I have a trusted advisor and friend who cares too much about me to allow me to settle for anything than my absolute best.
    – Joel Dombrow, Willamette Christian Church