June 21, 2018

Coaching Perspective: The Top 3 Challenges for Small Businesses

Author: Coach Dan Gielow

A few months ago, I reconnected with a friend who is also a small business owner. As we got to talking, he shared with me all of the things he was passionate
about and how he used that excitement to create the company he now runs.

And while my friend loves what he does, he mentioned a problem that’s common among small business owners: difficulty scaling his company for growth. While
he got into business because of his passion, he admitted how hard it was to keep everything moving in the right direction.

Finding new customers

The first challenge he mentioned was figuring out how to attract potential customers. While word-of-mouth referrals had worked in the past, the landscape
of business world is ever-changing, and he was feeling a bit stumped on how to keep driving others to his products and services. How much time should
he invest into social media? Was their marketing messaging working? What was driving customers through their doors in the first place?

Sustaining high-performance teams

The next was with his staff. While he felt great about the people working for him, establishing good communication practices within the company and ensuring
people had what they needed to be successful was proving difficult. Was there some kind of secret to this process no one had told him about?

Creating an effective business mission

Lastly, the company seemed to lack a clear and compelling vision to drive it into the future. People were on different pages, or things seemed fuzzy around
the company’s mission when it was discussed in meetings. How were they ever going to sell more product if no one understood where they were going?

These are common struggles small business owners encounter daily, but they aren’t impossible ones. We see them every day at Coachwell and can confidently
walk our clients through the steps of creating a life plan to finally reconnect with priorities that matter most.

Why small businesses need executive coaching

The unfortunate thing about running your own business is how often you must stretch outside of your core competencies to get things done. This can distance
or even distract business owners from the reason they started the company in the first place! Sometimes small business owners are left doing the books,
selling product, and training new staff, leaving little to no time for the leadership the company desperately needs.

Maintaining focus on the right things is one of the biggest challenges any small business owner faces, but it helps to have a trained executive coach to
point you in the right direction.

Go from distraction to delegation

Transform distraction from last minute demands with delegation skills learned through a coach. Restructure your days from being overbusy to reconnecting
with spouses or children and pursuing personal health goals and spiritual development.

Coachwell works with many types of businesses, but the bottom line is that our process works for those who apply it. Through a blend of personal relationships,
proprietary software, and tailor-made assessments for your business, we clear out the distractions and help you get to your goals quickly.

Try out a commitment-free consultation if you haven’t already. We’d love to hear about what you do, understand the unique problems your company is facing,
and learn how we might partner for success toward those ends.