September 21, 2017

Coaching for Maximum Impact

In the modern workplace, we know the incredible importance of Leaders. Leaders keep the productivity machine humming along by overseeing all the small
parts that help a team reach a goal. They assign tasks, give feedback, schedule meetings and ensure all the collective parts are working together nicely
to hit big targets by the end of the year.

Leaders are task-masters, people directors and workflow geniuses. The have a lot on their plates and are innately gifted at seeing big-picture priorities.
While they are excellent delegators and project owners, they don’t always have the outside perspective an Executive Coach brings to the table.

The difference between a Coach and a Leader is especially important to learn. While Leaders engage with direct reports and are consumed with the details
of feedback and delegation, Coaches have a distinct role to guide Leaders in how to achieve maximum impact in their leadership.

An effective Coach encourages Leaders to focus on the right things.

Leaders have a lot to think about when responsible for even a few people, let alone an entire team. Most of their energies are expended in daily meetings
and approval workflows. They see outcomes, statistics, and care deeply about metrics that indicate good performance and success. While a Coach also
cares about these things, ensuring that the Leader understands how these goals are serving a larger purpose, is a Coach’s number one aim. The larger
purpose of developing team members to be more self-directed is an important contribution the Coach makes in the Leader’s life.

A Coach as a third-party can do wonders for your organization. A Coach acts as a resource to help you brainstorm the most effective way to plow through
roadblocks and encourages creative, new ways of thinking.

An effective Coach broadens the perspective of the Leader.

One benefit to hiring an Executive Coach is gaining an outsider’s perspective on challenges in the organization, such as customer satisfaction, company
morale, or even a leadership crisis. It pays to gain the perspective of someone with decades of leadership experience who can put their finger on the
pulse of a problem and suggest viable solutions.

An effective Coach helps Leaders try new approaches.

All of us can get lost in the tyranny of our tasks – wondering if we’ll ever win. The best way to address this challenge is to avoid doing the same things
when we need a new approach. Effective Coaches are really good at masterminding new approaches – because they’re outside your environment. They see
fresh approaches that will revolutionize your work and re-energize your teams.

My encouragement to you is hire an Executive Coach to help you accelerate along the path to success. We all need outside insight to maximize the impact
of our leadership and the team of Coaches at Coachwell are always here to help. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

To your greatest impact as a Leader,

Coach Greg