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Dianna Salciccioli


Dianna has spent the past 17 years coaching professional men and women with a desire to lead well, live well and leave a great legacy. She believes that if a leader desires to grow in any area of their personal and professional life - they can!

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Greg Salciccioli


For over a decade Greg has coached and consulted leaders to realize their goals and improve their lives. Greg directs the Coachwell team and inspires team members to pursue excellence as an example to others.

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Kelly Hunter


Kelly has a passion for helping individuals identify and realize their path to living a life well-lived, finding clarity and confidence to be the best version of themselves to succeed in life, business and worldly impact.

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Rhonda Abellera


Her varied experiences in both corporate and non-profit workplaces has given Rhonda a unique skill set to be able to bring clarity and purpose to the role of the executive assistant and leadership at large.

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Dave Salciccioli


As the Chief Development Officer, Dave works diligently to help Coachwell grow and develop. In addition, he is a skilled strategist and excellent coach working with both entrepreneurs and enterprise organizations.

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Scott McBride


Scott is a results-oriented leader with over 25 years of management experience in business and non-profits. Scott helps business owners, financial advisors and doctors make their business profitable and fun.

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