Meet Greg.

Greg Salciccioli

Founder, President & Executive Coach

Greg is the founder of Coachwell Inc. He loves to write, speak, coach and create resources. He enjoys working with leaders and organizations to advance their excellence and effectiveness.

For over a decade Greg has coached and consulted leaders to realize their goals and improve their lives. Greg directs the Coachwell team and inspires team members to pursue excellence as an example to others. Coachwell’s mission is to develop positive results by inspiring excellence through professional coaching, certification and coaching systems. Greg lives in Central Oregon with his family where he enjoys the great outdoors. When Greg is not serving leaders he ski’s at Mt. Bachelor, rides mountain bikes, and hikes with family and friends.



Popular Keynote Topics


Leadership is more than building best practices—it’s overcoming the obstacles that undermine success. Greg then offers practical steps to break through the barriers that block or diminish our success.

building a balanced life

Every day we face the challenge of addressing our personal and professional demands. What’s the answer to achieving work-life balance?

building high trust teams

Teamwork and its tremendous benefits remain untapped mainly because leaders don’t focus much time on building their team.

The power of a coaching culture

Coaching is becoming the new methodology for leaders and organizations. Coaching provides real time feedback, resulting in greater staff engagement.


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