July 20, 2017

Be Resilient

How do we utilize the power of coaching in times of crisis? To coach is to empower those around us and together solve the challenges that threaten our
organization. Here’s a few tips on utilizing coaching and being resilient in the face of opposition.

1. Be authentic.

Leaders can tend to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and personify an “Atlas Mentality” as I call it in my book.
These leaders are too afraid to admit mistakes or ask for help. They hold onto the false belief that they’re the glue holding everything together.
The core solution to this problem is having a right perspective. Leaders aren’t perfect, they’re human. Authenticity and transparency means inviting
others into the problem to arrive at a solution. Admitting need actually strengthens your emotional intelligence and connection with others.

2. Never waste a good crisis.

Resilience is a form of endurance that is unique to times of hardship or trial. Without difficulty and stress, we can’t build our ability to overcome.
We need to look for the valuable lessons and insight in our troubles to come back stronger. Don’t let this failure knock you out of the game. Let the
experience reveal your weak points – and address them.

3. Demonstrate improvement with your solutions.

Do not give into the temptation to cover up or do a patch job on something that needs a long-term solution. Sit with the facts. Don’t be afraid to take
time with your team to discover what works. Heed criticism with grace while recognizing your own part to play. Build solidarity with your team. Give
frequent updates and maintain an open line of communication, but move when you’re ready as you consider the wise counsel of your trusted advisors.

A crisis can be a defining moment for you and your team. Profit from every crisis to emerge stronger and more resilient.

To your excellence,

Coach Greg