February 17, 2014

Be Happy: Train with a Team

We all know it, yet we avoid it like the plague: accountability. Whether it’s in a small group, with our finances or in front of the pastry case at Starbucks, we know what we need to do but we don’t do it! The Bible talks about this all the time: “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” It’s our humanity.

We take the easy way out or excuse ourselves one too many times until we start asking: Why can’t I change? Why can’t I show up consistently at the gym, or get out of credit card debt, or see healthy progress in my most important relationships? Stay on track and get our free Accountability Tracker here!

It’s not a problem of education, but accountability! For example, we know this simple fact: exercising consistently is one of the best things we can do for our body and our brain. Yet how many Americans are far more than a few pounds overweight? How many of us are on medications controlling our blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and other ailments preventable by diet and exercise?

Without accountable relationships with people who spur us on to be better, the cycle of our bad habits becomes lethal and almost impossible to break. The good news is, it works both ways. What if instead of having a negative effect, our relationships with others could encourage our health, inspire us to do better, and push us to the limits of what we thought was achievable?

At Coachwell, our vision for accountability is to partner with others to motivate and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Like our Facebook page to stay connected with us! We want to see change at both the individual and organizational level, branching out to uplift society as a whole. This always starts with accountability. 

Before we discuss the benefits of accountability in exercise. It’s important to note how exercise is important for our happiness. It counterbalances the brain’s response to anxiety or stress in a way that no medication is capable. It’s as if God knew what he was doing all along! Exercise does more for our mood than deliver those coveted endorphin and dopamine releases. It actually rewires our brain to cope more healthfully with stress. This is something that not only lifts our mood, but keeps anxiety at bay. Our bodies are capable of much more than we ever imagined!

A few benefits of exercising with a team:

You’ll handle stress more effectively: Consistent exercise stabilizes neurons that signal stress and tame the body’s default to anxiety. 

You’ll burn more calories: Studies by researchers at Oxford University found that people who trained in groups burned more calories and pushed themselves harder than those in solo workout sessions.

Your brain will work faster: Exercise creates new neurons as oxygenated blood is rapidly perfused throughout the brain. This means greater output and productivity.

You’ll have something to celebrate: There’s nothing like sharing the victory of that last hard earned mile with someone who believes in you. Exercise is something that encourages others to choose healthy habits, which has a “pay it forward” effect on everyone around you.

Exercise is a lot like those shampoo bottle instructions we’re all familiar with: Lather, Rinse, Repeat. We have to practice not to make perfect, but to make permanent. We must repeat. We must find colleagues, or a trainer or a local running club to help us get where we need to go. The need for exercise is holistic and the benefits are absolutely undeniable.

To your excellence in training with a team,

Coach Greg