March 26, 2013

Are You Healthy?

This week we are privileged to hear from Coachwell’s Co-Founder and Professional Coach Dianna Salciccioli. She truly believes that if an individual desires to grow and flourish in any area of their life, they can. That belief drives her to encourage, inspire, and come alongside those who express a readiness to move forward in challenged or dormant areas of their lives and to celebrate win after win with them! There’s simply nothing she finds more exciting. Her post below challenges her coaching constituents to live lives of holistic health.

As a Professional Coach I should know better, yet I can easily forget to be mindful of caring for myself in the area of emotional strength and balance. Allowing myself to become too busy with the tasks of the day, even fun tasks, can create a backpack of concerns that I carry around with me everywhere. Answering my phone and email so readily that I keep myself overly available and not getting the regular rest that I need creates a real deficit in my emotional well-being.

 I’m going to assume that many others struggle with this challenge as well, so I want to give us all permission to do what is necessary to evaluate our lives and health. The dictionary says the word healthy means “a sound and vigorous mind, healthy recreations, prosperous or sound, robust, good well-being, and restorative in nature.” These terms churn up many thoughts as I take inventory of my own life.

  1. Do I have a vigorous mind? Do I allow concerns and fears to cause anxiety and restlessness within me? Do I take the time to read, learn, dream or try new things?
  2. Do I have healthy recreations? Do I give myself permission to take time away from my diligent work to regroup and refresh?
  3. Is my life prosperous or sound? Do I make intentional decisions to use my time in a way that prospers my family, faith, and finances?
  4. Do I make my well-being a priority? Do I surround myself with healthy people? Do I speak encouragements to myself or do I feel critical of who I am? Do I feel my life has value?
  5. Is my lifestyle restorative? Do I live a life that depletes me and those around me? Do I run at a manic pace? Or do I live life with a rhythm that allows me to work hard and yet still remain balanced?

Being healthy means so much more than what you weigh, how big your muscles are, or what your Body Mass Index is, though these elements do matter. There is a much broader sense of what it truly means to be a healthy person. Ask yourself, are you healthy? Meditate on these questions and see if you need to make some changes. Be brave. Sometimes these weak areas are not easy to see, but making the change is within your reach!

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To your health,

Dianna Salciccioli