June 1, 2017

Ambition’s Alarm

Ambition is a powerful motivator. It gets us up in the morning and drives us to succeed. We all need it to envision and produce wonderful advancements.
From the buildings we live in, to the planes we fly in; the medical care we receive to the education we enjoy: ambitious people created them all.
It’s ambitious people who put in extra hours, who work through the obstacles to get it right! They are the ones with jet fuel running through their
veins–off again to chase a new goal. They move ahead at the speed of light, and even when they’re finished, they rarely rest – until forced by

Ambition is a force that requires boundaries to sustain its contribution. It’s too easy to get in over our heads. And if this is the case, if our ambitions
are allowed to run free and unchecked, it can undo a lot of good. Unbridled ambition leads to mistakes, burnout and broken relationships. This
is one of the hardest lessons a leader will ever learn.

The primary alarms of unrestricted ambition are fatigue and relationship breakdown and they often occur in the American workplace.
Leaders who continue to drive themselves and others without breaks or time to refuel are headed for disaster. You can hear ambitions deception
in phrases like: “This is a just a season” “I don’t have a choice” or “This is what it takes” etc.

The problem is important relationships are put on hold, waiting for you to return to them. But we all know this is dangerous and does not work. Health,
staff and family simply don’t wait. Time slips away and some leave, sometimes by choice, and others due to the simple fact that they don’t believe
things will ever get better. We’ve got to manage our ambitions better.

Ambition is better channeled and more sustainable with the benefits of a balanced lifestyle. By working in planned replenishment activities
and breaks into our schedules, we secure the recovery and rest we need to go again. Don’t let your ambitions be the runaway train that derails
the commitments or relationships most important to you. Secure sustainable success by controlling your ambition with replenishing activities.

At the end of our life what will people remember about you:

  • He achieved a lot but paid the high price of broken health and relationships.
  • Or, she practiced restraint, lived a rich life, enjoyed her family and made the world a better place.

How about we live a life with no regrets! It is possible to govern our ambition and live a fulfilling life with health and rich relationships. The
time is now! Learn to identify ambition’s alarms, replenish yourself and treasure your relationships.

To your sustainable success,

Coach Greg