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Coachwell exists to make the world a better place

One courageous conversation, one liberating truth, one great leader at a time.

Yes, it’s ambitious. Can we really claim to make the world a better place? We can certainly aspire to do that. And so can the leaders we work with. In fact, we must.


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We believe that pure coaching has the potential to create a ripple effect of great leadership, transforming the world into a better place, starting with you.

For growth-minded leaders (from career launch to retirement and beyond), Coachwell is the leadership coaching practice that offers customized coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations.

With a focus on transformation and not just information, Coachwell delivers measurable, sustainable and remarkable results.

With a growing network of experienced coaches across the U.S. and the ability to work with clients remotely, Coachwell can match clients with the ideal coach for their needs, while drawing on the collective wisdom of the entire network. Coachwell is based in Bend, Oregon.

To find out more about us – check out our core values and philosophy.


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Greg Salciccioli

Owner + Chief Executive Officer

For close to two decades,  Greg has coached and consulted leaders to realize their goals and improve their own leadership, their teams, and organizations. He loves to write, speak, coach and lead the Coachwell team. If you want to see how coaching can improve your life, your team or organization, give Greg a call!


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Dianna Salciccioli

Owner + Chief Cultural Officer

Dianna has spent the past 17 years coaching professional men and women with a desire to lead well, live well and leave a great legacy. In her role, she coaches all of our team to make sure that as a company, we “join the journey” of growth alongside all of our clients. If you want to talk about the power of coaching or how to build great cultures, connect with Dianna!

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Morgan Hayes

Client Relations Manager

Morgan’s main focus is the success of our clients. She strives to build trust and strong long-term relationships while ensuring that quality and the service Coachwell provides exceeds our client’s expectations. If you want to talk about assessments, getting started with Coachwell or have a question, give her a call!

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Kate Shanley

Chief Operating Officer


In her role as Chief Operating Officer, Kate is responsible for overseeing ongoing operations and procedures, human resources, internal team development and serving as a Coachwell brand ambassador to clients and business partners. If you have billing, contracting, or procedural questions, she’s your gal!

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Susie Green

Coach Support + Brand Expression

Susie joined the Coachwell Team in 2015 and has filled a variety of roles since then. In her role, Susie uses her skills as a designer to manage our brand expression and create new creative assets. She also supports our coach team and our expanding marketing efforts. If you have a question about Coachwell, our brand,  or want to join our coaching team,  she’s the one to talk to!

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Dave Salciccioli

Chief Development Officer

As the Chief Development Officer, Dave works diligently to help Coachwell grow and develop. This means supporting our coach and team, developing new content and materials, managing our marketing and brand expression and equiping our coaches to impact to those whom they coach. If you want to talk about partnership or joining our coaching team, he’s your guy.

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Leadership Development Coaches

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Dianna Salciccioli


Dianna has spent the past 17 years coaching professional men and women with a desire to lead well, live well and leave a great legacy. She believes that if a leader desires to grow in any area of their personal and professional life - they can!

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Greg Salciccioli


For over a decade Greg has coached and consulted leaders to realize their goals and improve their lives. Greg directs the Coachwell team and inspires team members to pursue excellence as an example to others.

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Rod Tillery


Rod specializes in helping organizations increase employee engagement, grow their cultural health and guarantee that they hire top performers every time. He is also an experienced trainer and engaging keynote speaker.

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Kelly Hunter


Kelly has a passion for helping individuals identify and realize their path to living a life well-lived, finding clarity and confidence to be the best version of themselves to succeed in life, business and worldly impact.

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BG Allen


BG has over 30 years of leadership experience in the military, business, and non-profits. He helps leaders design and implement leader development programs, assisting with succession planning, and improving overall organizational health.

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Rhonda Abellera


Her varied experiences in both corporate and non-profit workplaces has given Rhonda a unique skill set to be able to bring clarity and purpose to the role of the executive assistant and leadership at large.

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Terrence Black


Terrence is a turn-around expert. Be it sales, talent development, organizational effectiveness or employee engagement; Terrence knows how to take individuals, teams and organizations from good to great.

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Scott McBride


Scott is a results-oriented leader with over 25 years of management experience in business and non-profits. Scott helps business owners, financial advisors and doctors make their business profitable and fun.

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Frank St. Philip


Frank has a passion for working with people and organizations in helping them become high performers. He believes that people, teams, and organizations can achieve more when there is trust, inspiration, and clarity of purpose.

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