October 22, 2011

A Time For Everything

“There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under the heavens”

The Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The trees in the beautiful Cascade Mountains where we live are changing and actively dropping leaves.  The yellows, oranges and reds as I captured in a tree by our home are quite vivid as they validate that Summer is over and Winter is coming. I can’t wait! Fresh powder on Mt. Bachelor and four months of fun in the Winter sun. 

Seasons are all about change. God designed it that way.  He created the ever changing weather patterns to provide what we need.  This Winter provides the snow that melts in the Spring, replenishing our lakes and streams so the fish, wildlife, farmers and people have all the water we need. The Summer gives us the growing season to capitalize on the Winter water provision for a a time of great harvest.  A great system!   

Changing seasons in life are also important.  The book of Ecclesiastes talks about the fact that:

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaves” and 

“a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing”

Our life has seasons and there is a time for change in which we need to “refrain from embracing” so we can “embrace” something new. 

I am in one of those seasons. 


After 12 years of building Ministry Coaching International as a co-founder, president and coach – it’s time to: “refrain from embracing” and “embrace” a new season.  Dianna and I are thankful to all the wonderful people who have invested in our lives and who we have had the privilege of serving.  It’s difficult and exciting – all at the same time.  

What we have learned is that life has Necessary Endings. Dr. Henry Cloud in his book Necessary Ending’s talks about the fact that we must first experience a Necessary Ending before we can experience a new season – moving us closer to our intended future.

Necessary Endings are challenging and painful.  It feels a bit like tearing something from your hand while you have a firm grip on it. The Necessary Ending can be a desolate land that you find disorientating and difficult to navigate while you are trying to walk forward. Change is challenging!


  • Because of the fear of hurting someone
  • Because of the fear of the unknown
  • Because of the fear of confrontation
  • Because of the fear of grief
  • Because of the fear of not having the skills
  • Because of the fear of too many losses in your life from making the change

Notice the common emotion at each change point as we travel through a Necessary Ending – fear. We must face our fear if we are going move through a Necessary Ending and “embrace” our new season in life.  Treat fear for what it really is:

F = False

E = Evidence

A = Appearing 

R = Real

When Joshua was about to lead the entire nation of Israel into the Promised Land he had to face his fear.  Would they be able to conquer the enormous challenges and emerge victorious?  God made sure Joshua understood that he was not alone.  He sent a powerful warrior Angel to tell Joshua that He was with him and he needed to: “Be Bold and Courageous!” 

That’s a word to ALL of us today; “Be Bold and Courageous” – “embrace” your intended future and walk through your Necessary Ending to the new season He has for you.  

Change is good! Consider for a moment the benefits of embracing change and moving onto a new season.


  • It causes you to grow
  • It expands your creativity
  • It opens up opportunity to build something new and serve people in ways you could not before
  • It enlarges your network of friends, colleagues and customers 
  • It refreshes and sharpens your vision
  • It exercises your faith
  • It improves your prayer life and dependance upon God

The days ahead are bright and filled with faith as I “embrace” this new season.  I look forward to sharing more exciting developments as they unfold.  

How about your life?  Are you embracing a new season that you know is necessary? Perhaps its a new season in your health, relationships, or leadership. You may need to “refrain from embracing” something so that you can “embrace” something else. My encouragement to you is to: embrace change and charge forward to what God has for you.

To your excellence,

Coach Greg